SensseTurf Celebrating Chinese New Year of Monkey

2016 is the year of Money according to Chinese Lunar Calendar, all the Chinese people have 7-10 days holiday to celebrate the new year of monkey. SensseTurf is going to give every company staff two days more as special treatment for the holiday.

Do you know why this year is Monkey Year in Chinese calendar? According to China's legend, one day, the ultimate emperor for the whole universe in old China called together all the animals to have a important meeting, but only came twelve of them, they are : the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep, the monkey , the rooster, the dog, and pig. As the smartest, the rat jumped on the top of the ox to the first one to arrive. 

As a reward, the emperor gave each animal one year in the cycle and declared that anyone born in that year should resemble the animal in that year. as the rat is the first one to arrive, so the rat year is the first year of the twelve.

People always celebrate New year's day at the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year. As Chinese culture, in new year eve, everyone should come back to home to stay together with family, even people stay outside very far from the family, they will try best to go home before new year eve, because it is very important to stay together with family. The families are going to have a very rich dinner called "Nian Ye Fan", that means the prosperous in new year.

During the New Year Holiday, People always visit relatives and say good wishes to the new year, the younger from the family have to say good wishes to elders, and the elders from the family will give lucky money called "Red Packet" ,All of these are meant the best wishes for the new year.

Currently, the young generation is going to have new year holiday more simple, not so traditional as Chinese old culture, they love to go out for vacation and for other entertainment. But we think we should be keep our tradition as it is Chinese civilization. We like Chinese New Year, Let's hope for the best for the Monkey Year! 

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